Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Plan Will Let High Schoolers Graduate Early -

  • I'm not sure this is the best reasoned argument for early graduation and more, more, and more testing. But it does raise the question - what makes those last two years of high school relevant and worth sticking around for? I'm sure the independent schools in those eight states applying for the grant are wondering the same thing. 
    Back to the question - what makes the last two years of high school relevant, purposeful, and worth sticking around for?  Is the is rigorous curriculum?  Is it student life and relationships with teachers? It seems clear that schools must change in order to survive. But how will school thrive?  Moving beyond content and testing has to be a first step. Building communities of learners with a shared purpose might be a second step.  Revising curriculum and moving toward demonstrations of learning through project-based, real-world work might also be part of the equation. How do others feel about graduation by tenth grade?  What can schools, public and private, do to remain relevant?

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