Saturday, April 10, 2010

Your Money - Working Financial Literacy Into the Classroom -

I read this article in the New York Times this morning and marveled at the timeliness of it. My school has been promoting this very subject and I thought the article lent our initiative a good deal of support. Financial Literacy is one of the literacies mentioned by The Partnership for 21st Century Skills as as essential competency for students. Our Lower Division has been promoting financial literacy in our Fourth and Fifth Grades for several years now through a wonderful program called "Biz Town." (Click here to view the excellent video about the program, one of several under the umbrella of the James Center.) "Biz Town" is one of several popular programs created and sponsored by Junior Achievement. The program provides an extensive curriculum and students end the program by actually visiting Biz Town, a teeny tiny little community where students take on the role of Mayor, bankers, business owners, police, and even a DJ. Watching them cash their first check and wondering where the money went (TAXES!) is worth every minute spent standing over the copy machine photocopying the curriculum packets.

Maryland has a link to Financial Literacy resources for all ages including an interactive media section with fun, thought-provoking games and simulations. Any of them would make a nice supplement or enrichment activity to a classroom lesson on financial literacy.

What other resources are schools using to build this vitally important literacy?

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